Holiday Giving

As we head into the holiday season, many people start to think about who they’ll be celebrating the season with. But here at Habitat Hamilton, we’re focused on where they will be spending their winter break.

That’s because every holiday season starts at home. 

We believe everyone deserves a safe place to live, all year round. Which is why it’s our mission to build strength and stability through shelter. But we can’t further this meaningful work without our generous supporters, people such as you.

Making a gift today helps us prepare for the new year ahead.

In 2022, we plan to break ground on a 5-unit townhome, in the heart of Hamilton, on Sherman Avenue. This will be our largest build since 2014 and we’re very excited to get started.

a snow globe with a house, trees and snowman inside. The graphic has text above, reading "everyone deserves a place to call home."

Beyond building homes, we’ll also continue to provide experiential learning opportunities to secondary school students. Throughout the school year, we’ll provide youth with skilled trades work experience—building confidence, time-management skills and a strengthened sense of community engagement. We will also continue to offer support to local homeowners, via our RePair Rescue program, by providing free home repair to people facing hardship.

But none of this meaningful work is possible unless we receive donations from people just like you.

With the festive season upon us, we encourage you take a moment to reflect and think about where you’ll be spending your time. If you plan t

o celebrate the season in safe and decent housing, we welcome you to pay it forward with a donation to Habitat Hamilton.

From our home to yours, we wish you a very healthy and happy holiday season.