Building Dreams Together: Local Design Company Makes a Lasting Impact

HAMILTON, ON (May 18, 2023) In the heart of Waterdown, there’s a full-service architectural & structural design firm that has been making a remarkable difference in the community from behind the scenes. Over the last five years, the dedicated team at Charles Linsey & Associates Limited have been providing exceptional design and consulting services to support Habitat for Humanity Hamilton’s home builds.

Their involvement with Habitat for Humanity Hamilton began when Grant Somerville, another local designer, realized that there was an opportunity to support Habitat for Humanity’s mission.  He extended an invitation to his colleagues to support Habitat Hamilton’s efforts to create strength, stability, and self-reliance in the community through affordable housing. Inspired by the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and skills towards a positive outcome for the community, the team at Charles Linsey & Associates eagerly embraced the chance to make a difference.

Their ongoing contributions to Habitat for Humanity Hamilton have been instrumental in advancing the organization’s mission and goals. They bring their expertise to the table during the design stage, meticulously preparing technical drawings and obtaining essential building permits. Through their dedicated efforts, projects are transformed from mere concepts to tangible structures that will shelter and empower families for generations to come.

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of supporting Habitat for Humanity Hamilton, they noted their genuine joy in attending the key presentation ceremonies. It is during these moments that they get to witness the impact of their work firsthand, listening to the stories of families whose lives have been transformed through safe and affordable housing.

One notable project that they provided the designs for was 10 Dennis Avenue, in Waterdown. This undertaking holds a special place in their hearts, being their inaugural venture with Habitat for Humanity Hamilton. Being able to contribute to a project right in their local community made the experience even more meaningful.

By providing their technical expertise, Charles Linsey & Associates has made a lasting impact on Habitat Hamilton and the communities it serves. Their attention to detail and dedication to preparing precise construction drawings have been instrumental in transitioning projects from the planning stages to the construction phase, ensuring the successful realization of safe and sustainable housing.

When asked if they had a message to share with Habitat for Humanity Hamilton’s supporters and the wider community, they emphasized the importance of supporting this important cause. Their participation serves as a testament to the significance of sharing knowledge, skills, and resources to uplift the community and bring about positive transformation.

Having forged meaningful connections with numerous individuals, all of whom share the common goal of building a better future together, Charles Linsey & Associates hopes to continue their fruitful collaboration, intending to leave an indelible mark on the community they are proud to be a part of.

Habitat for Humanity Hamilton extends its heartfelt gratitude to Charles Linsey & Associates for their unwavering support and commitment to the vision of safe, affordable housing for all. Their many years of support clearly demonstrates their dedication to addressing the affordable housing crisis in Canada.  They are an excellent example of how corporate partners of all kinds can step up to support our cause.  Together, we are building dreams and making a lasting impact on the lives of families in need.

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