Create Inner Peace by Decluttering Your Living Space

(Wednesday, September 14, 2022 – Hamilton, ON) – Most homeowners will tell you that if there is one thing they would like to change about their house, it would be more storage space. At Habitat Hamilton, we are no strangers to fitting a lot into a confined area. Whether we are figuring out how to provide as many affordable housing units as possible on the land we acquire, seeking storage for our build site tools and materials, or finding a space to display some of the larger donations we receive at our ReStore, we must often find innovative solutions to our storage problems. We know that we are not alone, so Habitat Hamilton has partnered with Vaultra Storage to bring you a short how-to guide to discovering new space in your home!


Take it to the next level

Raising things higher can be a fantastic way to create extra floor space and give your home some unique display pieces that will have your guests asking themselves “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

Hang that musical instrument that you picked up during the pandemic. This will not only be a great display piece for your home, but it may also encourage you to pick it up and play a tune more often.

Lift your mattress with a platform bed frame. This creates a great storage area underneath your bed for all those infrequently used items that you always have a difficult time finding room for. A loft-style bed is also great for the kids’ rooms. Place a desk underneath for a homework/colouring space or build a cozy play area that the kids will love. The children enjoying the space in their rooms means fewer interruptions for you! A beautiful win-win scenario.

A shelf above a doorway can be a game-changer. It is often an unutilized space that can be transformed into a unique display for the items that you want to show off but keep out of the way.


Get Creative

At Habitat Hamilton, we are all about affordable solutions to complex problems. Here are a few cost-effective methods to help you declutter your home.

Have an old muffin tin laying around? This can be used to organize paper clips, thumb tacks, and other small items in your office. You can also use it to keep your necklaces, earrings, and other accessories separated.

Magazine holders are a surprisingly versatile tool for staying organized. Use them in the kitchen to store coffee pods and k-cups, keep your cutting boards standing, or (our favorite) store plastic wrap and tinfoil upright for easy access that will take up less space. For other rooms in your house, magazine holders can be used to store flip-flops, gift bags, remote controls, and even toilet paper. Metal or wooden magazine holders can also be turned sideways and screwed into a wall for excellent corner shelves.

Tin cans can be painted and glued together to make an eye-catching pen organizer that can be hung on the wall in your home office.


Vaultra Storage has you covered

If all else fails and you can’t seem to find the space you need for your belongings, Vaultra Storage Hamilton is always there to help! Trusted by thousands of customers since 2014, Vaultra storage offers simple and secure self storage, for both your commercial and residential needs! We know this from firsthand experience! Their team has generously donated a storage unit to the Habitat Hamilton ReStore this year, along with a $2,500 cash donation to Habitat Hamilton. A big thank you again to the Vaultra team for giving back to the community.

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