Save on Kitchen Renovation Costs with Habitat Hamilton

It’s no surprise to most that kitchen renovations are expensive and time consuming. But with that being said, there is a way to reduce the cost and headache of upgrading the heart of your home.

The Hamilton ReStore’s kitchen salvage team will review your kitchen to ensure it qualifies for our program, and if so, crews will dismantle and remove your cabinetry, appliances and counter-tops – all completely free of charge. Our expertly trained crew will leave your kitchen clean and contractor ready, saving you upwards of $800! You will also be issued a tax receipt for all the items removed from your kitchen, based on the amount it’s sold for at our ReStore. If your kitchen is already dismantled, you can still call Habitat Hamilton to pick up your disassembled cabinetry, upon approval. We accept upper or lower cabinets, islands, counter-tops and appliances.

Not only are you saving some cash, but you’re also helping the environment. By donating your old kitchen, it will be diverted from ending up in our landfills, and instead, will be upcycled by a ReStore shopper. All the proceeds from those sales will help support Habitat Hamilton and our vision of creating a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to call home.

Last year alone, about 60 homeowners took part in our kitchen salvage program, helping generate thousands of dollars for Habitat for Humanity Hamilton. Our kitchen salvage program is one of our biggest resources, and we rely on the generosity of local homeowners who decide to partner with us. One kitchen donation has such a ripple effect on our organization, increasing our ability to help more future Habitat homeowners.

If you think the kitchen salvage program might be right for you, let us know. You can email or call (905) 560 6707 ext. 104 for an evaluation.


Bob Vidic – September 2017
Received a tax receipt in the amount of $2,728

“I wanted to share my positive experience with donating my entire kitchen cabinets to the ReStore at Habitat for Humanity Hamilton. I originally called to offer the cabinets and they requested various pictures to assess the condition.  Although the kitchen was 20 years old, the cabinets were in good condition from an executive home.  I proceeded to remove all the cabinets and counter-tops although looking back, I should have taken up their offer for them to come in and remove everything.  Nonetheless, I had all the cabinets ready for pickup and they came on time.  The 2 gentlemen who packed their truck were friendly, courteous and professional. I was quite shocked and surprised when I eventually received my charitable contribution tax receipt for over $2,700!  It sure beat trying to sell everything on Kijiji. I would definitely do this again and highly recommend people consider this option and helping a terrific charitable organization at the same time!”

Gord Majic – December 2017
Received a tax receipt in the amount of $1,267

“Habitat makes it easy to donate your renovation items that still have lots of life left. They save you time and money with their fast, free pickup. I received a great tax deduction and was able to divert a kitchen from going to landfill.”

Barb Raphael – September 2017
Received a tax receipt in the amount of $2,227

“I called Habitat Hamilton Restore upon starting my kitchen renovation to see if they would take my old kitchen. They quickly sent someone out to evaluate the kitchen and upon approval set up a date to do the removal. They were very accommodating in terms of my time frame. A crew of most friendly and efficient volunteers arrived right on time and immediately started dismantling all cabinets, plumbing and light fixtures. They took the old appliances and kitchen furniture as well. The men were very careful not to damage anything and were most courteous. The job was finished in a few hours. Several months later I received a tax receipt and thank you note. This is a great service and helps our community. I would recommend [the] restore to anyone.”

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