The Power of a Planned Gift

How will you be remembered? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? These are some of life’s big questions; something we all think about but might not have concrete answers to.

It’s important to have a plan. We make grand plans and decisions about who we marry, where we live and the direction of our careers. Yet when it comes to planning our will and our last wishes, most of us feel too uncomfortable to make those important decisions. The truth is, planning our last wishes doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, having a plan can create ease, relief and even happiness.

Death is an uncomfortable subject, but it’s so important to be prepared – not only for your family, but for your community and the future generations you could be directly helping. By making a planned gift to Habitat Hamilton, you’re telling the world affordable housing is crucial to quality of life. You’re ensuring others can have safe and decent housing, while still being able to pay their bills and put food on the table for their own family.

Planned giving is an opportunity for you to make a larger and more impactful donation than you might have thought possible, ensuring your legacy is honoured by helping others improve their own lives thanks to your generosity.

A trusted financial adviser can help you add a couple of sentences to your will, directing a donation to the charity of your choice. Rest assured knowing a planned gift doesn’t necessarily need to cut into the inheritance you leave for your loved ones; you can donate what would otherwise go to the Canada Revenue Agency. You can allocate funds, an asset, or even a portion of your estate as part of your planned gift.

Beyond personal planned gifts, you can also make a memorial donation in tribute to someone who has recently died. If a friend, colleague or loved one has passed, and you’re looking for a way to honour their legacy, a memorial contribution is a beautiful way to do just that. You can donate to Habitat Hamilton, mentioning that it’s a memorial gift in their name, and we’ll make sure their family is notified of your thoughtful gift.

In 2018, Habitat Hamilton had the privilege of working with a family of four, the Amnual’s. Father and husband, Manaye, has endured more than most would deem fair; losing his entire family during the Somali Civil War, fleeing his home country, living in exile and in the bush for years on end. He spent 11 years unsure of his future, if he would ever be safe again, or if he would have a home to call his own. Finally, Manaye was granted refugee status in Canada and his life changed. He came to Canada, learned English, got a job in the steel industry, met his wife, and had two wonderful daughters. Manaye and his family were given the keys to their own home in Hamilton, finally ending his worries of safety, stability and self-reliance. Habitat Hamilton wouldn’t be able to make Manaye’s (and so many others like him) dreams come true if we didn’t have the support of our donors and volunteers.

We rely on all kinds of donations, whether made today or into the future, to make dreams come true for families across our city. In fact, we have three developments planned for 2019, which will house a total of five families once complete. We plan to break-ground on our Waterdown Townhome Build, the Legacy Build, and the Beach Community Build throughout the year. These initiatives mean more families will have access to affordable homeownership, ensuring a safe and reliable environment for their kids to grow up in.

As you think about planning your future gifts, please consider keeping Habitat Hamilton in mind. Whether you make a planned gift, a memorial donation, or even a one-time donation today, rest assured knowing that 100 per cent of your contribution will directly support our programming, helping future Habitat homeowners gain strength, stability and self-reliance through homeownership.

You can donate online here or by calling (905) 560 6707, extension  110, anytime.

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