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Esly was born in El Salvador and moved to Hamilton with her parents in 1990 to avoid civil war. She is excited to have her own space for her family’s safety, stability, and well-being.

“My son will get to spend more quality time with my dad and brother, in a healthy environment. He will have his first bath ever – he’s going to love that!

My son and I will have a safe place for the first time. As he grows, he will have a place where he can feel comfortable to bring friends, which is a big thing to me. I hope he learns to appreciate this home. Having affordable housing will allow me to save for his education, laying a foundation for the future.”

Mya & Saw

Mya Htoo was born in a refugee camp in Thailand, after his parents fled conflict in Myanmar. Mya and his family immigrated to Canada in 2008.

Saw San was born in Myanmar. Conflict forced her family to flee to a refugee camp in Thailand in 1999, where they lived until moving to Canada in 2015.

Mya and Saw were married 2018, and they now have two young children.

“Our kids will be able to play outside whenever they want, and play in their kiddie pool. They will have their own bedroom. When kids grow up in a safe place they have a better chance of succeeding in life.”

Moo & Mu Yeh

Moo and Mu Yeh were both born in Myanmar, but both have lived in Hamilton since moving to Canada as children. They met each other in school, and have been together since 2013.

“We want to raise our kids in a good and healthy neighborhood. We want the best for our children. It would be very good to see our kids grow up in a home that we own and belong in. Our kids will be able to do so many things – play, study, and have fun.

This is a new step and a new opportunity. It is a wonderful privilege for our children.”

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