Homeowner Criteria

Our impact is only as strong as the partnerships we forge with our homeowners. And in order for our Home Build Program to be successful, we need to ensure that our homeowners are a good fit. For this reason, our Homeowner Selection Process is quite rigorous. When selecting a potential homeowner, we consider the family’s level of need, their willingness to partner and their ability to pay their interest-free and geared-to-income mortgage.

In order to meet our basic requirements, potential homeowners must meet the following set of criteria:

  • Live in inadequate, overcrowded or unsafe housing
  • Has a steady and minimum income of $35,000 per year
  • Total family income must be below Household Income Limit (HILS) Schedule 2 for the region
  • Does not qualify for a conventional mortgage
  • Must demonstrate a willingness to contribute 500 volunteer hours
  • Must demonstrate a willingness to participate in Habitat events and publicity opportunities
  • Carries a minimal debt load
  • Preference will be give to applicants with young children
  • Must be willing to provide references from several sources

Potential Habitat homeowners simply don’t have the resources to save for the down payment of a home. In replacement of a down payment, a potential homeowner must express a willingness to contribute 500 hours of volunteer service. Once confirmed as a homeowner—by our Homeowners Manager and Board of Directors—the selected homeowner must complete 500 hours of volunteer support before becoming eligible to move into a Habitat home. In return, their lives are transformed by the positive experience of working with their community and by the many benefits associated with homeownership.