The Gift Guide for Giving Back

Habitat Hamilton’s Gift Guide

Habitat Hamilton’s Gift Guide for Giving Back is a collection of a dozen symbolic charitable gifts, essential for building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter, in our local communities. Your donation gifts will help Habitat Hamilton purchase materials, tools and items to build homes for future Habitat homeowner families.

Instead of gifting a stale fruit cake, a predictable box of holiday chocolates or a tacky knick-knack, give a symbolic gift you’ll feel good about.

Give a gift that gives back.

Please note: All items for purchase are symbolic charitable gifts only. When you purchase one of our holiday gift guide items, you’re making a donation to support Habitat Hamilton’s work. When you purchase a gift from our guide, we use that item to help us build homes for local families.

Habitat Hamilton’s Gift Guide for Giving Back commitment: When you donate to our home build program through our Gift Guide for Giving Back catalogue, we allocate your contribution to ensure it makes the greatest impact possible. Our Gift Guide for Giving Back items are symbolic of needs within our home build program, and represent items such as interior and exterior finishes, tools, building supplies and appliances. When you make a purchase from our Gift Guide for Giving Back catalogue, you help cover some of the costs associated with material and supplies that build a home for a future Habitat homeowner family. As a registered charity, Habitat Hamilton reserves the right to reallocate funds to our greatest needs, as necessary. Tax receipts for all Gift Guide purchases will be issued for income tax purposes. Prices in this catalogue are valid through January 31, 2020. Our charitable registration number is 138935267 RR0001.